The organizing commitee

William Hornslien

Algebraic Topology, NTNU

Head of the organization committee, 

economy, logistics, NTNU representative

René Langøen

Complex analysis, UiB

Head of the organization committee, program, webpage, registration, UiB representative

Francesco Ballerin

Applications of Differential Geometry, UiB

Webpage, economy, program, UiB representative

Belén García Pascual

Mathematical biology, UiB 

Program, UiB representative

Torgeir Aambø

Algebraic Topology, NTNU 

Logistics, NTNU representative

Mahboubeh Nedaie 

Didactics, UiA

Advertising, UiA representative

Maria Azam

Algebraic Geoemtry, UiS 

Program, UiS representative

Peter Moritz von Schultzendorff

Porus media group, UiB 

Economy, UiB representative

Michele Guerra

Deep learning, UiT 

Advertisment, UiT representative

Elisabeth Bonnevier

Mathematical logic, UiB (informatics) 

UiB representative

Håkon Richard Fredheim

Functional analysis, UiO 

UiO representative

Børge Irgens

Didactics, UiT 

UiT representative

The conference is generously supported by the project Pure Mathematics in Norway, funded by Trond Mohn Foundation and Tromsø Research Foundation.